What situation of faith are you experiencing now? What are you believing God for in 2017? Sometimes, in order to experience victory in our lives, we must give all we have. What is all we have? All we have is our heart, mind, and soul. When we give our all to experience victory, we are committed to winning.  You have to be willing to separate yourself from people, places, and situations that prohibit you from giving your all. Don’t prevent yourself from winning. Now is the time to set goals, create action plans to achieve your goals, and commit to the time necessary to achieve your goals and see you dreams to fruition.

What do athletes do when preparing for a championship? They give their all. They train, they eat right, they work with coaches, and they work very hard. Every day, that’s all they do is give their all to the sport they love. Morning, noon, and night they are focused on that one thing. They live, eat, and breathe victory. They envision themselves winning. They tell themselves daily, I can do this. They are confident, that if they give their all, they will have victory in the end.

We must have this same mindset in our own lives. We must be prepared to give our all when expecting victory in our lives. I have several areas in my life, I’m expecting to be victorious over. There are several things I desire to see happen in my life, that has not happened yet and I’m believing God they will. I’m believing so much for the victory that I’m willing to give my all. I’m willing to fast, pray, study scripture, and continue to believe God that what I desire is going to come to pass. I must give my all. My whole heart, mind, and soul. For me, that’s my reasonable sacrifice. What’s your sacrifice? Decide today, you will win!!!   May the rest of your days be the most blessed of your days!!! XOXO


  Mar 18, 2017