I want you to have all of the joy that you can stand so here, in The Joy Spot, I will focus on helping you to heal your soul and learn how to become soulful so that you can live your best life.

I know what it feels like to desire joy and feel like it’s out of your reach. I understand the pain and challenges that come with feeling empty and incomplete. That’s why I pursued my passion for helping others, to help you get your joy back.

I want to show you how to fill your soul and find your purpose so you can walk and breathe in your purpose. You see I have learned that having a life filled with joy is an inside job.

There is not a person in this world or a material thing that can give you joy or take away your joy. We’ve all heard the saying: This joy that I have, the world didn’t give it to me and the world can’t take it away. I’ve learned how to live that each and every day because I know that my joy is complete despite anything I may or may not have.

What I’ve gone through, what I’m going through or what I may go through in the future. It’s not dictated by my past, present or future. It is solely inside of me existing because I have purposed it into existence.

So many times our Joy is predicated by someone else’s approval of us or disturbed by someone’s disapproval of us. Nothing can’t be allowed to rock our joy boat. We are human, that is true, and we feel with our heart, that is true, but our heart can still be complete even though someone or some people may not necessarily approve of us or are no longer, loving us the way we love them or the way we feel they should love us.

Joy can’t be determined by whether or not we’re in a relationship,  whether or not we have all of our life desires met, being married or having children or having the right job or having the right husband the right car the right status in life.

We give our power away only to be disappointed when our joy is taken away. When you give your power away to someone else, inevitably you’ll be disappointed because you’re looking for that perfect joy inside of an imperfect person who is incapable of giving you completion.

Decide today that you will be responsible for the fullness of joy inside of you and watch your life change for the better by returning here to The Joy Spot as often as you like.

Positively Shoner




  Mar 13, 2017