There are four problems with the danger zone of comfort

  1. Stagnation

When you become comfortable, you become stagnant. You’re stuck in the same place. In the midst of your being stuck, you don’t realize it, but certain things are leaving you. Things are leaving your life. Joy is leaving your life. Peace is leaving your life. Purpose is leaving your life. Why? Because you’re in the danger zone of stagnation.  Commit today to come out of the danger zone of stagnation. Commit to not staying stuck and moving forward. When you’re stagnant, you can never have the truly abundant life that God has planned for you.  He has a plan of more abundance, so come out of your stagnation state in your comfort zone, so that you can get back those things that have left you, your joy, your peace, your purpose and your happiness.

  1. Fear

The second thing that’s keeping you in your comfort zone is fear. Fear of the unknown is false evidence appearing real. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you come out of your comfort zone and seek to achieve your best life?  You’ll fail.  It’s OK, I have failed plenty of times. You can take that as a lesson, use that lesson, and get back up and try again. If you walk in your purpose, your talents your gifts will make room for you. So when you come out of your comfort zone of fear, you realize you had nothing to fear at all because now you’re able to achieve your best life. You’re able to achieve your fullness of joy. You’re able to achieve your fullness of gratitude and abundance in your life.  You’re able to live a prosperous life of abundance because you came out of your fear zone and conquered your fear

  1. Complacency

The third thing I want to discuss in the danger of your comfort zone is complacency. Being complacent with being exactly where you are. Did you know your complacency is blocking somebody else’s blessing?  Your complacency is going to cost someone else something.  It’s going to cost you something, and it’s going to cost someone else. God needs to use you to be a blessing to somebody else. He created all of us to be a blessing to others, and by you being complacent, you’re actually having a spirit of selfishness because of our complacency, we don’t care about anybody else, and we just care about ourselves. We care about our level of comfort, and we don’t want to have to come out of our comfort zone. We want to stay in our comfort zone, but complacency will absolutely rob you of everything you are supposed to have and who you are supposed to be.  Your destiny is to be on top, not on the bottom. You are supposed to be prosperous.  You are supposed to live a life of abundance, not poverty, not scarcity, not lack, but more than enough. So much so, that you’re able to give to others through your abundance and your overflow.

  1. People

Sometimes our biggest obstacle of coming out of our comfort zone is the opinions of other people. You may have people in your life right now, telling you what you can’t do or haven’t done. You may want to open your own business, and you let people talk you right out of it. There may be people in your life saying, you can’t do that because that’s too hard or you’re not good enough. They sabotage your hopes and dreams because they may not have any of their own. You may have dreams of becoming a CEO of a company, and you just got hired. So, instead of encouraging you to believe in yourself, work hard, and aspire to that, people will talk you right out of it. You can’t let the opinions of other people deter you from getting what God has for you. God wants you to do great and be great. I encourage not to live beneath his blessings for you and step out in faith.

Your comfort zone of stagnation, fear, complacency, and other people’s opinion is keeping you locked out of God’s best for your life. Take a leap of faith today and create a plan to come out of your comfort zone and live the exceptional life God has for you!


  Sep 15, 2017