About Shoner


Shoner realized her passion for helping others and her gift and love of writing over fifteen years ago which led her to publish her first book If It Had Not Been: Finding Strength Through a Storm. Once a happily married mom and wife, she was suddenly faced with the death of her husband and life partner. Through this tragedy and valley experience, she was divinely led by God to write her first book, If It Had Not Been: Finding Strength Through a Storm. It was then she discovered her passion for writing and speaking in order help others cope with their own journey through life’s storms. She knew her “storm” was designed to allow her to encourage others through their own valley experience.

Shoner Johnson is passionate about helping others realize their life potential. Her mission is to educate, encourage, and empower others.  She has successfully used her gifts of teaching and speaking for the past 15 years as a motivational speaker, women’s Bible study teacher and educator.  Her outgoing personality, wit, and compassionate nature has encouraged and inspired others for generations.  Her gift of prophetic speaking has been a source of inspiration for others for many years. She continues to empower others with her gift of touching hearts and helping others live their best life mind, body, and spirit.