We’ve all heard diamonds are a girl’s best friend right?  Well, for me, I can tell you it’s very true.  I can definitely appreciate a great diamond. That’s why today I want to talk about a diamond in the rough. While studying the formation of diamonds, I found out that diamonds came from violent volcanic eruptions in the mantle of the earth. These eruptions that happened long ago pushed the diamonds up to the surface of the earth. When it comes up to the surface, it’s embedded in the kimberlite rock, and that’s where it is mined. The diamond goes through a detailed process of cleaning and cutting from its natural state to get to the point of sale.

Each and every one of you are diamonds in the rough.  Some of you may find yourself right now, it the center of a violent earthquake and its pushing and squeezing on you. You feel like you are not going to make it. You feel weak from all of the pressure and pushing. Life is really hard sometimes, and you feel like giving up. I understand. I know how you feel. I’ve been in the midst of many volcanic eruptions in my life, that left me feeling weak, exhausted, and vulnerable. Those experiences pushed me and pressed me to the point I wanted to give up.

So, while you may be feeling the heat, pressure, and pushing just like the diamond, you are being pushed back up to the surface. Even once the diamond is pushed to the surface, it’s still in a crude state. It takes a lot to get it to the shiny, beautiful state we see it in in the store.

I want to encourage you today. Don’t lose hope where you are right now. You are just a diamond in the rough. All of the heartache you are going through is preparing you to shine. God has a special plan for your life. He has a plan to create something from your hardship that is so special it can’t be compared to what you are going through right now. He is going to use your divorce to bless you. He is going to use the skills you are learning on your job, to help you get your own business going. You were always told you argue too much when you were little, and now, you are working on your law degree. Your current situation is not your final destination unless you want it to be. In order for God to prepare you for greatness, He has to prune you and process you. He has to take all of the yucky stuff you are going through to build you into the diamond he wants you to be to shine brightly.

You may be in section 8 housing, welfare, or in a homeless shelter. You are not finished. You may be going through a divorce that left you broke, you are not finished. Your spouse may have left you with four kids and won’t pay support. You are not finished. You may have had to drop out of school because you could not afford it. You are not finished. You may have just gotten laid off from your job of twenty years. You are not finished.

If you just be patient and allow God to prune you and prepare you, then he can present you like the diamond that you are, and you can shine in your brilliance. You can shine when you get that promotion, you can shine when you buy your first house, you can shine when you walk across the stage at graduation, you can shine when you open your own business, you can shine when you see your children graduate and go to college, you can shine when you walk down the aisle with the man of your dreams that God prepared especially for you.

Shine on diamond shine on!!!!




  Jan 08, 2018

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