We all make mistakes in life. Some of our mistakes are more costly than others. Our mistakes can leave us feeling bad about ourselves. Our mistakes can cause collateral damage. Because of this, we can sometimes become stuck in our mistakes. Sometimes, we allow the mistakes of our past define us today. We become stuck in our mistakes, and as a result, we don’t move forward. The mistakes in our lives can be our biggest catalyst for change. How many of us have regrets about the mistakes of our youth? But as we mature, many of us grew wiser as a result. I want to encourage you today to stop being so hard on yourself.  There are many ways to forgive yourself and move forward in your life.


  1. Recognize that living in your past mistake will block your future blessings. You can’t move forward staying stuck.

  2. Acknowledging your mistakes, asking for forgiveness, and forgiving yourself is the best healing you can give to yourself. There is a freedom in taking ownership of what you did and correcting your future choices.

  3. Take time alone to analyze your choices and seek the lesson you were meant to learn.

  4. Commit to changing and growing as a person.

  5. Don’t spend your life constantly looking back and rehashing your mistakes.

  6. Surround yourself with people who affirm who you are today and not who you used to be.

  7. Celebrate the new and improved you and use your wisdom to help others.

Your mistake can crush you or create a new you. The choice is yours. What choice will you make?