2017 was quite the year for me. In Dec 2016 I lost my mom two weeks before Christmas and 2017 came in with a bang.  I faced more betrayal, attacks on my character, hurt, lies, and heartbreak than I ever had in my life. I was at my lowest point and full of confusion as to why this was going on in my life. I had just lost my mom who was everything. She was my support, my rock, my shoulder to lean on, and my biggest cheerleader. Her wisdom and love got me through many bad days.

          Every time, I was recovering from one situation, another attack came. It was like being knocked down, stumbling to get back up and being knocked down again. I was really pressing into myself and God to really try and find out why I was going through this season of attacks.  One day as I was sitting in my car, God showed me what was going on. There is a seed of greatness inside of me. There is a seed of purpose being birthed into my life. The enemy knows this, so he uses people and situations to try and get to the seed. He’s trying to attack and destroy the seed. If he is successful, he will abort every plan and miracle God has for my life. He doesn’t want me to be successful, happy, blessed, and prospering. He doesn’t want me writing to encourage other people and speaking to people about mind, body, spirit wholeness. He wants to win over what God has already established in the heavenly realm.  He failed miserably.

If you are in a place in your life, where no matter what you do, it seems like everything is coming against you, you are in a place where God is about to birth greatness into your life. If you are facing difficulty, betrayal, loss, hardship, and uncertainty, I understand what you are going through. You are right on the cusp of birthing God’s wonderful plan for your life. Don’t give up now. Don’t stop. You must protect your seed with your life! Your life, your children’s lives, your spouse’s life depends on it!

          The first battle starts in your mind. That’s where the enemy launches his plan of attack. If he can get into your mind and place doubt, fear, anger, uncertainty, and depression in your mind, he’s winning. He’s disturbing your spirit. If He can disturb your spirit, he’s right on the brink of cutting into your life to get to the seed.  So, you have to have a made up mind, that you will not let people, situations, circumstances, emotions, or anything else, rob you of your joy, peace, and determination. Still your mind into victory mode. Remind yourself I shall win. I will not be defeated. I will be an overcomer. My destiny and purpose are too great to give up. My peace is too precious to let go of. You have worked too hard on your destiny to give it up. When you have a made up mind, you can fix your thoughts on the victory. It changes your perspective and gives you more confidence.

          Decide today you are going to protect your seed with your life! Nurture that seed and watch it bloom into something beautiful, full of joy and change the trajectory of your life forever.